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Empower your protein engineering needs with TeselaGen – the ultimate software solution designed to dramatically reduce R&D times and costs, propelling your innovations from concept to reality faster than ever.

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Streamline Your Protein Engineering Workflow

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with TeselaGen's DNA assembly protocol generator and seamless integrations like NinthBio’s Homology Path. Transform your R&D process with automation and precision, setting a new standard for speed and accuracy in protein engineering.

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Ready to Transform Your Protein Engineering Projects?

Discover how leading companies like Protein Evolution harness the power of TeselaGen to overcome their biggest challenges. Learn from their success stories and see firsthand the transformative effects of our software on reducing R&D times and costs.

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TeselaGen: The Protein Engineering software

Bring complex proteins and enzymes to market.

Protein engineering R&D is complex, filled with detailed tasks ranging from mutagenesis, like site-directed mutagenesis, to the precise expression and purification of proteins. Each step presents its own set of challenges, often turning minor errors into significant roadblocks. Managing and analyzing vast amounts of data from iterative design and testing cycles adds to the complexity, making efficient progress difficult. However, TeselaGen transforms these challenges into opportunities. By incorporating advanced DNA assembly techniques such as Golden Gate and Gibson assembly, TeselaGen further streamlines the process, allowing for precise and efficient construction of genetic constructs.

By automating and optimizing key processes, it not only speeds up development but also reduces errors, allowing researchers to focus more on innovation than on overcoming technical obstacles. With TeselaGen, the constraints of cost and time are dramatically lessened, leaving creativity as the primary boundary to what can be achieved in protein engineering.

Elevate Your Protein Engineering Projects with TeselaGen

Join an elite group of biotech and pharmaceutical companies, that have revolutionized their protein engineering endeavors with TeselaGen. Adopt a platform that not only enhances sequence and structure analysis but also streamlines the entire protein design and optimization process, significantly reducing R&D times and expenses.

From optimizing mutagenesis strategies to managing vast libraries and expediting the design-build-test-learn (DBTL) cycle, TeselaGen offers a suite of capabilities that propel protein engineering projects forward, allowing creativity and scientific innovation to flourish.

Site Saturation Mutagenesis and Library Management

Experience a significant enhancement in your mutagenesis capabilities with TeselaGen. Our platform automates the design of primers and protocols, simplifying the creation of mutant libraries. This leads to a more efficient exploration of protein function and behavior, ultimately reducing the time from concept to market-ready products.

Accelerated Protein Engineering Cycles

Capitalize on TeselaGen’s robust workflow and data management tools to expedite your protein engineering projects. Our solution is crafted to manage the intricacies of protein engineering data effortlessly, enabling faster, more precise iterations from design through to characterization.

Cost-Reduction in Protein Engineering Research

Minimize operational expenses with a software designed for optimal efficiency in protein engineering tasks. TeselaGen not only improves resource utilization but also automates and optimizes workflows, making your research both cost-effective and cutting-edge.

Protein Expression and Purification Enhanced

Leverage TeselaGen to optimize your protein expression and purification workflows effectively. Our platform enhances the iterative design of DNA fragments, supporting swift transitions from gene synthesis to protein production, and assists in refining purification protocols for optimal yields.

Enhanced Sequence and Design Management

Leverage sequence and design management tools within TeselaGen to plan your design of protein mutants. Our platform facilitates the identification of conserved regions and potential mutation sites, streamlining the rational design and directed evolution processes.

Seamless Workflow Integration

TeselaGen effortlessly integrates with your current lab setups and third-party bioinformatics tools, ensuring a smooth incorporation into your protein engineering workflow. This integration enhances efficiency and keeps your projects moving forward without interruption.

Streamlined Data Management

TeselaGen’s data-association tool revolutionizes how experimental data is managed in protein engineering. It addresses the challenges of handling extensive data generated during protein engineering processes, offering a streamlined solution for rapid development and analysis, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with bringing bio-sustainable products to market.

DNA Cloning Automation, from Golden Gate and Gibson assembly to USER and MoClo

TeselaGen excels by automating DNA assembly protocol generation, including advanced primer design and precise melting temperature calculations. Supporting techniques like Golden Gate, Gibson, USER, and MoClo, our platform accelerates protein engineering workflows, ensuring rapid, error-free assembly.


See how we help cut Protein Evolution's enzyme costs by 90%

Protein Evolution is developing enzymes that can transform polyester waste into a reusable resource. To achieve its goal of producing cost-effective, high-quality recycled materials, researchers at Protein Evolution needed a faster and more efficient way to design and build the DNA libraries that encode a multitude of enzyme variants. Instead of outsourcing DNA library construction, which is slow and expensive, or spending years building a proprietary solution, the company adopted TeselaGen’s platform, integrated with Ninth’s Bio Homology Path tool, for high-throughput library construction. 

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Our team at TeselaGen shares your passion for biotech innovation. With extensive expertise in biotech R&D, we collaborate with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that every step of your journey is backed by unparalleled support.

Continuous Software Support and Regular Updates: Your Success, Our Priority

At TeselaGen, we are committed to your success. Our continuous software support and regular updates ensure that you always have access to the latest tools and features, enabling you to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of biotech R&D.

Unrivaled Support: Navigating the Path to Innovation

We provide comprehensive documentation and support to empower your exploration of TeselaGen’s capabilities. Our user-friendly resources and dedicated team are designed to guide you through our platform, helping you unlock its full potential and accelerate your groundbreaking discoveries.

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