Accelerate Time to Market with TeselaGen’s Advanced LIMS

Streamline your lab workflows and fast-track your R&D projects with TeselaGen’s LIMS – the key to efficient, cost-effective biotech research.

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The LIMS for protein engineering, strain engineering, gene and cell therapy

Unlock the full potential of your lab with TeselaGen’s LIMS – a solution that integrates smart inventory management with cutting-edge data analytics to turbocharge your research.

Transform Your R&D with TeselaGen’s LIMS

Join a growing network of leading biotech research institutions that have transformed their R&D processes with TeselaGen’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Embrace a system that not only streamlines data management but also revolutionizes inventory tracking and utilization, significantly cutting costs and boosting R&D efficiency.

Smart Inventory Management

With TeselaGen, experience a drastic reduction in resource wastage. Our intelligent inventory management system ensures optimal use of existing materials, reducing the need for additional purchases and enabling cost-effective research.

High-throughput Workflows

Leverage TeselaGen’s powerful workflow and data management capabilities to fast-track your research projects. Our platform is designed to handle complex biotech data with ease, allowing for quicker, more informed decision-making.

Cost-Effective Research Solutions

Reduce operational costs with a system that maximizes resource utilization and streamlines workflow processes. TeselaGen’s LIMS is the cost-efficient solution your lab needs to stay ahead in the competitive world of biotech R&D.

Innovative LIMS Capabilities Tailored for Biotech Research

TeselaGen’s LIMS is not just a data management tool; it's an integrated laboratory solution designed to address the specific challenges of biotech R&D.

Materials and Samples Visibility and Traceability

Benefit from a robust data management system that records the movement and usage of materials and samples at each stage of your R&D process, facilitating rapid identification of potential issues or deviations. Efficiently manage your stocks of reagents, DNA materials, and other crucial supplies, ensuring they are optimally used and replenished as needed.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

TeselaGen's LIMS seamlessly integrates with your existing lab and third-parties systems, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced operational efficiency without disrupting ongoing projects.

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Expertise in Biotech R&D: Transforming Your Vision into Reality

Our team at TeselaGen shares your passion for biotech innovation. With extensive expertise in biotech R&D, we collaborate with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that every step of your journey is backed by unparalleled support.

Continuous Software Support and Adaptive Updates: Your Success, Our Priority

At TeselaGen, we are committed to your success. Our continuous software support and regular adaptive updates ensure that you always have access to the latest tools and features, enabling you to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of biotech R&D.

Unrivaled Documentation and Support Materials: Navigating the Path to Innovation

We provide comprehensive documentation and support materials to empower your exploration of TeselaGen’s capabilities. Our user-friendly resources are designed to guide you through our platform, helping you unlock its full potential and accelerate your groundbreaking discoveries.

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